torstai, 16. elokuu 2012

New Blog

I started a new sketch blog: and archived all the entries older than June 28 2013 because of the missing images. Welcome to visit the new blog!


Farewell / 辞, 2012 (440), 75 X 46 cm, ink and mineral watercolor on xuan paper

lauantai, 11. elokuu 2012

Rainy Day in Beijing

Grey Day Magic

Grey Day Magic, 2012 (477), 100x53 cm, ink and Chinese color on xuan paper

keskiviikko, 8. elokuu 2012


I found out that the photo servers of the blog service provider were totally destroyed and all the sketches from last 3 years are gone. Of course I have them on my laptop but I don't know if I want to start reposting them, seems like a lot of work... I am busy now with other things, I am planning to leave China in the end of this month. And I think that will be a good time for a fresh start and a new blog. I'll post the link later.

Summer Storm

Summer Storm / 暴雨, 2012 (474), 100 X 53 cm, ink and mineral color on handmade xuan paper

I had other bad luck too. My airconditioner started dripping water and wet many of my ink paintings. Some of the work was ruined, like this one.... Maybe it was a sign that it really is time to leave Beijing :-P

maanantai, 2. heinäkuu 2012



Liquid amber i.e. green tea

My blog provider has some problem and all the images they host have disappeared for now. Hopefully they get them back during this week. Meanwhile I will start using Flickr...

torstai, 28. kesäkuu 2012


The Ten Thousand Lotuses Pond

I like the feeling of the space in this ink painting. It is from a new group I just got back from mounting. I'm still thinking the names for them. My teacher suggested 'Ten-Thousand-Lotus Pond' for this one. Hmmm, maybe.